Helping mental health providers across New York City interested in evidence-based interventions to learn, share and connect. 

The NYC CBT Association is a 501c3 organization created to connect mental health providers (e.g., psychologist, psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners), students and trainees interested in behavioral, cognitive, and other evidence-based interventions, located in the New York Metropolitan area, with each other. This group aims to facilitate discussion and to disseminate clinical skills and research among professionals and students. Meetings will be planned to allow for formal and informal exchanges and the development of professional contacts. Particular focus will be placed on the inclusion of professionals from a wide variety of employment settings including private practice, academic institutions, and medical facilities.

NYC CBT Events

Throughout the year, NYC CBT facilitate lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities around Manhattan. We have facilitated lectures at Weill Cornell Medical College and Albert Einstein Institute. Lectures are facilitated by world leading researchers and clinicians in the areas of anxiety, treatment efficacy, suicidality, grief and specific therapy modalities. 

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A message from NYC CBT President Bruce Hubbard

When I opened my practice in the mid-nineties, while CBT was sweeping the country, New York City remained a stronghold of traditional, non-evidence-based therapy. Proudly, twenty years later, CBT is a leading presence in our great city. Yet the spread of CBT in the New York area was for many years trailed by the lack of opportunity for CBT-minded clinicians, researchers and students to connect, network, and share their experience.  The New York City Cognitive Behavior Therapy Association filled this gap.  NYC-CBT provides a meeting ground for students and professionals who share a common interest in CBT and related approaches like ACT and DBT. We offer a world-class lecture series, local networking events, a local email listserv for connecting between events, and a quarterly newsletter.  As President of NYC-CBT, I strongly encourage you to join me and our 200+ members in helping our New York City CBT community grow and thrive! Become a member today! 

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A message from outgoing President Dennis Tirch

If there were just one professional and personal networking task that I could recommend to any CBT enthusiast in the New York area, it would be involvement in the NYC-CBT Association, hands-down! Over the last 6 years, the Cognitive-Behavioral community in this city has come together to create remarkable learning opportunities with world-class speakers, enjoyable professional events, and a new climate of cooperation that has dramatically increased what is possible for the CBT professional in New York City. I hope you will join us in this invitation to expand your involvement and enjoyment of your New York City CBT community, as we move forward to do great things together, and advance the cause of the alleviation and prevention of human suffering through evidence based principles and practices.